Monday, October 28, 2013

Deepika Padukone is injued in Ramleela shooting spot

Deepika Padukone is injued in Ramleela shooting spot

One after one Deepika Padukone hits her movie in this year. Deepika Padukone is a lucky girl who make three hit movie. In Ramleela movie Deepika do back dance and do more practice. Also she dance in a rough surface where Deepika Padukone get much pain.

In recent Deepika Padukone ijured by stick burn in her hand. When she took a stick with fire burn, that’s time fire also attack her hand. But Deepika do not cry and do not stop shooting. She continue her duty with more concentration.

Why Deepika do not think anything? Because Deepika’s lover Ranveir Sing stay there and act with Deepika. For this reason she do not feel any pain in her mind but get hurt in her outerface which is negligible when it is compare with love. In Ramleela Ranveer Sing act as a Krisna and most common music most of the movie Ramji Ki Chal.

Ramleela music is suspend for a short duration, because Ramleela leading actor Ranveer Sing is admitted to hospitals for his health treatment. It will be started October 26 in this year.