Monday, October 28, 2013

Salman Khan leave Bigg Boss 7 Show?

Salman Khan make a small quarrel with Kushal Tandon. Salman Khan angry Kushal Tandon because last week he make a misbehave with Tanishaa Mukherji in Bigg Boss 7 Show. Salman Khan do not prefer it and make a small war which is seem in leave this show. 


Salman Khan tweeted in Twitter he do not like to misbehave with any woman who can be your family member such as mother or sister. Salman Khan also understood all male and female member stay in same platform where they competitive. Forty-seven years old actor Salman Khan like to protect any attack on women which seems bad. 


Salman Khan also include some words such as Bigg Boss seven is a show where one can learn how one make strong himself/herself in mentally and physically. In twitter Salman Khan also tweet it is not force to see this show , these show as like as game where it seen in TV and always see it. It is ones prefer to see or not.